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What we are
How you benefit
Broadly skilled in a range of Business and Technology environments
Can work from high level brief and a few pointers, reducing your overhead to get these tasks done.
UK based on the M4 corridor
Nearby, for when a phone call or email isn't enough
Business experience & Management Experience
To help ensure “business useful” technology is implemented, and in a way that works with the business and other stakeholders.
Analytical / Objective
Provides answers and solutions that are firmly based on fact not opinion, to provide long term robust solutions
Independent - not part of a larger organization
Unbiased and professional consultancy, providing a fresh perspective.
Consultancy offered in Bite sized chunks
Able to right-size the consultancy package and cost to match SME: Can monitor 3 month project according to what it needs, not at a fixed full-time rate.

At TalboTek we actively want to to work with companies that are growing from small beginnings, and help take you to the next level. Why ? because we find small and medium sized enterprises to be the most dynamic and exciting to work with.